Girl Growl Backfire: A Petition Volunteer Drops Her Coworker’s Jaw

Through a number of friends, I met a woman I’ll call T.

I ran into T at stores, social events, and county events, but never got to know her. I did hear comments from people who knew T well that suggested T had an unpleasant characteristic. I discovered her unpleasant characteristic during a political petition campaign.

This campaign took place during the term of a politician whose manner of leadership left families and friends hesitant to talk to each other about politics. When campaign workers set up sites for a petition opposing this politician, there were reports of the politician’s supporters harassing petition volunteers. Some of the politician’s opponents were guilty of harassing the politician’s supporters. That was the political climate.

When I stopped at a petition site, I saw T standing right behind the table with another volunteer next to her. I asked if they had been harassed, then looked down at the petition. T asked, “Are you going to harass us?” I looked up to see T turning away with a self-congratulatory smirk on her face while her coworker dropped her jaw and stared at T.

T’s coworker did not look at me in fear of harassment. She looked at T in astonishment that she would rudely insult a petition signer. T’s girl growl insult backfired on her. Instead of making me look bad, she made herself look bad. Judging by the comments I’ve heard about T over more than a decade, making herself look bad is a habit.


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