In A Sacred World Order, Everyone Loses

Since the early 1980s, I have written and read letters to the editor and social media comments. I came to recognize that millions of U.S. citizens share a belief. They believe in what I call a Sacred World Order. They consider this world order sacred because they believe it was ordained by their God. I identified three levels to this Sacred World Order

Tsars of Truth

Monitors of Morality

Beasts of Burden

I refuse to refer to people forced to the bottom of the Sacred World Order merely as “Beasts”. Therefore, I came up with a descriptive phrase for people at each level.

Tsars of Truth are Toxic Tsars. Their ‘truth” limits the lives of everyone, including their own lives.

Monitors of Morality are Menial MonitorsThey wrongly think that loyalty will convince Toxic Tsars to protect them from pain.

Beasts of Burden are Bullied BeastsToxic Tsars and Menial Monitors bully the people they consider beneath them into lives of pain.

Each level has its own task in the sacred world order.

Tsars of Truth

Feel they are God’s representatives to the world

In their minds, their words can speak only Truth, nothing less. They maintain their Tsar level status by limiting contact with everyone they consider beneath them. They prefer contact with Bullied Beasts only when Bullied Beasts accept their Beast of Burden status. Toxic Tsars are certain that Bullied Beasts should feel pain so that Toxic Tsars can live pain free lives. Toxic Tsars give some rewards to Menial Monitors for keeping Bullied Beasts in their proper place. If Toxic Tsars feel any pain from Menial Monitors, however, they would quickly transform Menial Monitors into Bullied Beasts.

Monitors of Morality

Feel loyalty to Toxic Tsars

Menial Monitors identify with Toxic Tsars by copying their words and actions. Menial Monitors agree that Bullied Beasts should feel all pain. They monitor Bullied Beasts to protect Toxic Tsars from pain. Menial Monitors look to Toxic Tsars for protection from pain as a reward for protecting Toxic Tsars from pain.

Beasts of Burden

Feel depression and anger from forced pain

Bullied Beasts live with their pain as best they can while trying to bring attention to the unfairness of their pain. They know they do not deserve the pain, but can have difficulty finding ways to end it. When possibilities for sabotage occur, Bullied Beasts who see no other alternative consider taking revenge on Menial Monitors and Toxic Tsars.

You can recognize which level people put themselves in or find themselves in from what they say about themselves and other people. I found an article that clearly revealed all three levels. This post reveals the sacred world order in that one situation. Future posts in this sacred world order category will be quotes from all three levels for a single category, as in:







After a post for a category is published, I will add appropriate quotes as I come across them.

Each post will include this link to illustrate why Toxic Tsars and Menial Monitors are wrong about keeping Bullied Beasts down. When Toxic Tsars suppress others, they lose more than they realize. Their losses could include their own lives. Millions of Toxic Tsars and Menial Monitors are alive today because of a man they would have limited as a Bullied Beast.

Vivien Thomas was a black male teenage carpenter when he applied for a job in a surgical research lab in 1930. White surgeon Dr. Alfred Blalock recognized a passion for medicine and healing in Thomas. Together they created a legacy that is still saving millions of lives through heart surgery. That legacy is worldwide because Vivien Thomas taught the techniques for heart surgery to doctors from around the world. Vivien Thomas’s formal education ended with his high school graduation.

“The Sins of the Fathers”
Jason Berry
Chicago Reader
May 23, 1991

This article is very long and reveals how the police and the Catholic hierarchy also bullied the Doe family, including Student Doe.

Toxic Tsar

Parents John and Jane Doe
Visited school principal Barbara Hill about their son coming home with bruises every day from playground beatings.

“She told us our son was oversensitive, that he misinterpreted children’s play, and she said rather emphatically, ‘A principal’s place is not on the playground.'”

Bullied Beast

John Doe
Parent of Student Doe

“When four boys hold my son down and two of them kick him, that’s not play.”

Toxic Tsar

Principal Barbara Hill

“That can’t be happening,” Hill reportedly stated, calling the fights “a figment of [the boy’s] imagination.”

Menial Monitor

Patricia Bobb
Attorney for Barbara Hill

“It’s an absolute outrage to me that my client has to be put through this.”

Bullied Beast

Student Doe
In a transcript, Student Doe said Principal Hill told him:

“You’re mentally retarded.”

Toxic Tsar

Father Lake
Responding to John and Jane Doe’s removal of Student Doe from the school.

“It is with deep regret that I read you were forced to move your child from [our] school. I am grateful that you brought your situation to our attention. However, I disagree with your charge of a lack of positive response and corrective action. We have looked into the matter of discipline, supervision and abuse. We will continue to emphasize Christian values of love & respect for one another [and] take necessary corrective action in order to provide a safe & orderly atmosphere for the children.”


Principal Barbara Hill obviously considered herself a Tsar of Truth. She considered the students Beasts of Burden. As a Toxic Tsar, she needed to keep her distance from the Bullied Beasts on the playground.

Menial Monitor Patricia Bobb was determined to protect Toxic Tsar Barbara Hill from any pain. She found nothing wrong with bruises on Bullied Beasts.

Father Lake also felt that his words were Truth. He believed Bullied Beasts John and Jane Doe were incapable of recognizing Truth.

Everyone lost. Student Doe lost the ability to enjoy his time at that school. John and Jane Doe lost the ability to trust that school. Principal Barbara Hill, Attorney Patricia Bobb, and Father Lake lost respect at the very least when Chicago Reader published the story. By trying to force all pain on Student Doe and his parents, Principal Hill, Attorney Bobb, and Father Lake brought pain to themselves.

The article includes allegations about sexual abuse and stories from other victims. The Catholic Church, of course, tried to silence the Doe family.

“Meanwhile, church attorneys are moving forward with a three-pronged defense–
stall for time; counterattack; and preserve the policy by which the archdiocese
handles accusations of clergy child abuse.”

The Chicago Reader article was published in 1991. In 2019, we know far more about the horrors of abuse in Catholic schools and churches. I attended Catholic schools for 12 years. During that time I witnessed teachers and administrators being verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive to children. For about 20 years after I finished high school, I paid attention when someone talked about adults being physically violent to children in school. I asked if the school was public or Catholic. I didn’t keep a total count, but I asked that question at least 10 times. Only once was the answer “public school”.

The Catholic Church lost respect, members, and money because it tried to put all pain on the families they forced to be Bullied Beasts. I am one of the members the Catholic Church lost. Even as a child, I knew I did not deserve the verbal and emotional pain those Toxic Tsars forced on me.

God/Higher Power/Universe

Whoever or whatever is in charge, He/She/It/They distribute(s) pain equally. Birth defects, illnesses, and “acts of God” in the natural world bring pain to everyone. Toxic Tsars bring more pain to themselves with their toxic beliefs.

“16 Royals Who Suffered From Hereditary Mutations And Defects Caused By Inbreeding”
History Collection
No Date

“Bel Air’s multi-million dollar mansions get no special treatment from California’s wildfires”
Elizabeth Segal
December 8, 2017

“What Kills Billionaires”
Vanessa Gisquet
Forbes Magazine
April 5, 2005


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All rights reserved.

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